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1) There's no arguing that this band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is one of Canada's most successful. Formed in 1969, the group can brag about releasing forty albums, as well as thirty-four singles. With lead singer Myles Goodwyn singing popular hits such as "Ooowatanite" and "The Whole World's Goin' Crazy", which famous "springtime band" would this be?
2) Which Canadian rock band from Vancouver, B.C., had hits with "Pretty Lady" "We're Here For A Good Time (Not a Long Time)", "Raise A Little Hell" and "The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar"?
3) This Toronto musician was born Daniel Grafton Hill IV June 3, 1954, and is better known simply as Dan Hill. A songwriter of love ballads, he had a Billboard Top 40 for "Can't We Try", a duet sung with Vonda Shepherd. But it was a 1977 hit that got him on the "Mike Douglas" and "Merv Griffin" shows to sing the number, a song that Tina Turner recorded for her 1978 album, "Rough".

Can you remember the title of Dan Hill's biggest career hit?

(this sorrowful ballad says when 'this' happens, "the honesty's too much")
4) Which band from Calgary, Alberta had such hits as "Sweet City Woman", "Carry Me", "Oh My Lady" and "Then Came The White Man"?
5) This band formed in Toronto in 1968 and was unique in that it began with thirteen original members playing everything from horns, guitars, percussion instruments, right through string instruments and covered genres of music that included rock, pop, and even what one might call a "heavy hitting band sound". Which ensemble won the Juno award for Best Canadian Group of the year in 1972, 1973, and 1974?
6) This female artist is a self-professed "Metal Queen". The lyrics..."(Whatcha do to my body body) You' got me shakin', you make me weak..."
The Band/Singer?
7) Gino Vanelli was well-known for songs such as "People Gotta Move"-(1974), "Living Inside Myself"-(1981), and "Just A Motion Away"-(1985), but it's his number one hit from 1978 that had female fans rushing the stage in a wild screaming frenzy and fight with security just to get close to the singer.

What song did the handsome Vanelli sing that caused young ladies to go wild?

(also known as "Nights in Montreal")
8) Another West Coast artist. He had a number of hits, including a number one hit from a movie soundtrack. The lyrics "Drivin' home this evenin' could have sworn we had it all worked out..."
The Band/Singer?
9) Kim Mitchell was the front man for which group?
10) "I got my first real six-string,
Over at the five-and-dime.
I played it 'til my fingers bled,
It was the Summer of '69."

Which internationally famous and hugely successful Canadian musician sang those lyrics?
11) This band from Vancouver, British Columbia had hits such as "My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)" Whatcha Gonna Do" and "Fly at Night". Who are they?
12) "I never needed love,
Like I need you,
And I never lived for nobody,
But I live for you.
Ooooh babe, lost in love is what I feel,
__ ____
13) A tougher one...(and no hints, but more lyrics)The lyrics " Now deep in the heart of a lonely kid, Who suffered so much for what he did, They gave this ploughboy his fortune and fame..."
The Band/Singer?
14) In 1973, Winnipeg, Manitoba, gave us one of our best rock bands ever. Their title combined the last names of the two founding members and the title of a trucking magazine they found in a Windsor cafe. Their success came from NOT booking early concert dates, but rather from travelling to wherever their songs were getting radio play. It's obvious now that it worked.

Which powerhouse band, often referred to by just letters, am I talking about?

(St-Stephen K-K-K-King made a writing pseudonym from the b-b-band founder's last n-n-n-name)
15) A tougher one...(and no hints, but more lyrics)The lyrics " Now deep in the heart of a lonely kid, Who suffered so much for what he did, They gave this ploughboy his fortune and fame..."
The Band/Singer?
16) Formed in Toronto in 1976, this band began with only two members taking care of all of the musical instruments. Which unique band, featuring Cameron Hawkins and Nash the Slash, and renowned for hits such as "Phasors On Stun" and "Just Like You", am I referring to?
17) Starting out in 1964 as The Rebounds, this band changed their name to The Stampeders in 1965. In 1968, they became a trio until they broke up in 1977. Their 1971 album, "Against the Grain", gave them three top-ten hits on the Canadian music charts, of which two of the songs held number one and number two at the same time, with the other reaching number eight.

Which two songs held the number one and two positions at the same time?

(one might look silly 'lugging around a nice lady through large urban areas')
18) Although this band saw only moderate commercial success, two of its founding members have become music industry stalwarts. Bruce Fairburn, the bands producer-musician, and Jim Vallance, the band's main songwriter, have very influential positions in the music world as a result of their work with this Vancouver-formed group.

Can you guess the name of this band, who recorded the hits "Spaceship Superstar" and "Take Me to the Captain"?

(they could be referred to as a 'reflective' band)
19) In mid-1977, a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was booked to do a charity gig at the El Mocambo Club in Toronto. The co-headliner was The Cockroaches, which to the attendee's surprise, turned out to be The Rolling Stones! The pseudonym was used to minimize the riotous fanfare that would have resulted if Toronto fans knew of their presence.

The Stones aside, who was the popular Canadian band that 'headlined' the show?

(Oooo what a night it must have been!)
20) This Canadian musician celebrated his 50th year in the music business with a Grammy at the 2010 awards. He has five albums on Rolling Stone's top 500 list, ranked in the top 50 most influential artists of all-time, and even has an appearance at Woodstock. He is fearless when it speaking up against all forms of government, and has won just about every music and accomplishment award you can think of.

Which rough-voiced, scraggly-dressed, Canadian music star am I referring to?

(his band lives up to their moniker of being an 'insane equine')

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